Trans Catalina Trail & Camping Services

We offer a variety of services on the TransCatalina Trail depending on what your group's needs are, what campsite you are staying at and for how long. 


Gear Haul Only

Our Gear Haul service is a basic service to move your gear from campsite to campsite along the Trans Catalina Trail. You are able to pack for camping versus backpacking and have us haul all your gear/coolers/food supplies along the trail and delivered directly to your campsite each day or for any of the legs of the trip you wish. Our gear haul service is flat rate. (Click here for more info on our gear haul ).


Popular Gear Haul Itineraries:


(Partial TCT 26 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Two Harbors:  $400

(Partial TCT 26 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Two Harbors: $590

(Full TCT 38.5 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Parsons to Two Harbors: $1190

(Full TCT 38.5 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Two Harbors to Parsons: $1,440


Basic Camper

Gear haul plus basic rental set-up

Sleeping equipment: Large coleman tent (2 person occupancy), sleeping cot, camp chair

Cooking equipment: Cooler, two burner stove, (2) pot, (1) pan, stir spoon, tongs, cutting

board, cutting knife, can opener, wine and bottle opener, s’more sticks, long lighter, sponge and soap for cleaning cooking items *Includes set-up and tear down of all equipment.

*Pricing depends on number of persons and which sites are booked. Inquire


Comfort Camper

Gear Haul plus concierge camp set up

Includes booking all aspects of your Catalina Island camping trip such as transport to the island, hotels if needed, activities, campsite reservations, custom itinerary. Includes an on-site host for the entire camping trip that cooks gourmet camp meals, camp cleaning and maintenance, and provides assistance as needed, sleeping cots, hammocks, camp games, coffee, s'mores and more. Catalina Backcountry provides on-site top-notch service for whatever your group may need. Inquire for pricing.



3 Night Full TCT (Black Jack/Little Harbor/Parsons Landing) 38.5 miles in 4 days

2 Night Partial TCT (Black Jack/Little Harbor) 25 miles in 3 days

1 Night Partial TCT ( Little Harbor) 12 miles in two days

3 Night Full TCT ( Stationary camp at Little Harbor) 38.5 miles in 4 days

* This option is great in Summer months and when not everyone in group wants to hike everyday

* Allows for a hot water shower on site

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