Catalina Gear Haul

Benefits to Catalina Gear Haul

  • More relaxing and easier time hiking on Catalina without weight of packs

  • More food and beverages and other comfort amenities can be packed

  • Ice refills for coolers and water carriers if booking multiple legs

  • Grocery and supply restocking if booking multiple legs for additional cost

  • Hiker assistance if needed to next site

  • We come to you for gear pick up whether that be at the ferry terminal, your hotel, Vons, or a restaurant

  • We arrive at whatever time you would like us to be there.  We do not run on a set schedule, our hauling times are dependent on group preference

  • On-island connection on where to buy supplies, trail advice, and last-minute tips


Catalina Gear Haul Pricing

Avalon <--> Black Jack: $150

Black Jack <--> Little Harbor: $190

Little Harbor <--> Two Harbors: $250

Two Harbors <--> Parsons: $425

Gear Haul on Catalina pricing is a flat rate by leg and is not based on number of bags or weight.


Who is gear haul good for?

Large groups, groups with younger hikers, beginner backpackers, folks who want to trail run, folks who just want to complete the trail but do not have light weight backpacking gear only heavy camping gear, backpackers celebrating an anniversary or special event that want to make the trail more comfortable.

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