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Catalina Gear Haul

What is gear haul?

We'll move your camping gear from campsite to campsite, leaving you free to experience the hiking trails on Catalina with just a daypack.

Who is gear haul good for?

Large groups, groups with younger hikers, beginner backpackers, folks who want to trail run, folks who just want to complete the trail but do not have light weight backpacking gear only heavy camping gear, backpackers celebrating an anniversary or special event that want to make the trail more comfortable.

Benefits to Catalina Gear Haul

  • More relaxing and enjoyable time hiking on Catalina without the weight of packs

  • More food and beverages and other comfort amenities can be packed for your trip

  • Allows you to hike the trail with friends or family that love to camp and hike but might not have backpacking equipment

  • Where available we'll store your food in fox boxes 

  • Item may not exceed 50 lbs (must be able to be lifted by one person, no extra large boxes or coolers).   

  • Each leg allows for up to 8 items per fee.  Additional items quoted based on group size and need.


Popular Full Length Gear Haul Itineraries

(Partial TCT 26 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Two Harbors:  $450

(Partial TCT 26 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Two Harbors: $665

(Full TCT 38.5 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Parsons to Two Harbors: $1,340

(Full TCT 38.5 miles) Avalon to Black Jack to Little Harbor to Two Harbors to Parsons to Two Harbors: $1,615

Black Jack Pricing

Avalon to Black Jack:$175

Black Jack to Avalon:$175

Little Harbor Pricing

Avalon to Little Harbor:$215

Black Jack to Little Harbor:$215

Little Harbor to Black Jack:$215

Little Harbor to Avalon:$215

Two Harbors Pricing

Two Harbors to Little Harbor:$275

Two Harbors to Black Jack:$275

Two Harbors to Avalon:$275

Avalon to Two Harbors:$275

Black Jack to Two Harbors:$275

Little Harbor to Two Harbors:$275

Parsons Landing Pricing

Parsons to Two Harbors: $475

Parsons to Little Harbor:$475

Parsons to Black Jack:$475

Parsons to Avalon:$475

Two Harbors to Parsons:$475

Little Harbor to Parsons: $475

Black Jack to Parsons:$475

Avalon to Parsons:$475


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