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Trans Catalina Trail Gear Haul

Gear Haul

Lighten the load with this popular service. We'll pick up your gear and take it to your next campsite. Ideal for those on multi-day treks across the Trans-Catalina Trail or for those who prefer to hike light. 


We'll set up camp and have everything waiting for you when you arrive. This service can be customized to include tents, sleeping bags and more.

Gear rental is also available. 


From box lunches to gourmet dinners we work with our local partners to create the ideal meals for larger groups. We can assist with helping plan all aspects of your trip.



Customized experiences

You are not looking for the typical tourist experience and we can craft an authentic island adventure unlike any other. Call us to learn more. 


Seasonal Adventures

From sunset adventures on the backside of the island to spring wildflower quests, we offer an array of unique experiences and adventures only available on Catalina Island. Follow us on social media or check out our blog for details about current offerings.  


Naturalist-led hikes

Whether you are looking to hike the TransCatalina Trail over three days or ascend the Garden to the Sky Trail in three hours, we can provide a guide to help you make the most of your time on Catalina Island. All of our guides live on the island and are trained by the Catalina Conservancy.

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